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Tranforming imagination into reality – Introducing the live action role playing event Battle for Vilegis

Article by Carlo Alberto Zaccheo for Cold Ink Blog.

Battle for Vilegis information can be found on BATTLE FOR VILEGIS website.

Battle for Vilegis is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) organization that began in 2012 thanks to a group of aspiring role players who were fed up with small, amateur organizations.

LARPing is a genre of role playing that takes from Dungeons and Dragons culture, transferring the imaginative world of table top role playing into live action events. Battle for Vilegis is a four to five day long event where you interpret a medieval/fantasy character of your making and join one of thirteen warring factions as they compete for glory and honor.

battle lotta

The battlegrounds

Born from the ashes of a previous organization called Festa del Drago, Battle for Vilegis takes place in Testa di Lepre, near Fiumicino, where the aforementioned group acquired the lot of land where they played. On the land, they constructed a small city of about a dozen houses surrounded by various military encampments complete with walls and gates. A dungeon was also constructed, complete with moving walls and lurking monsters hidden within its depths.

battle mappa

Map of the location

One Battle for Vilegis player, Marco Ricciardelli who has been playing for over three years now, recounts his first time seeing the site:

“when I first walked onto the plain of Vilegis I was shocked. After years of hand-made clothes and duct tape weapons, I come to this event and I find a whole town, and I mean a town like with houses and a mayor’s office, tavern, clocktower and even a statue in the square! I just couldn’t believe it.”

Vilegis città

The town of Vilegis

As the years went by, Battle for Vilegis grew from that small group of aspiring LARPers into the biggest Italian event of its genre. In the last year, the player pool has increased to over 2000 people, attracting players from all parts of Italy, we are told by long time LARPer Diego Raggi (translated from Italian).

“I’m from Rome, so usually it’s easy for me to attend the events, but half my group comes from neighboring regions. Of my group, many come from Tuscany and a lot of players in general come from Sicily, where they have one of the biggest LARP fanbases in the country.”

Battle for Vilegis offers the opportunity to live a unique experience in role playing: a real world where the collective imagination of hundreds of players unites and gives birth to an immersive, five day open air adventure into a world that does not exist anywhere else.




Insert Coin to Play – Game Over Escape Rooms


The name of the game.

Introducing : Game Over.

You there!

Yes you.

Are you an intrepid adventurer who is always looking for a new challenge around every corner? No?

Then are you sick of the city scene and want to try something fresh and exciting? Possibly…

Maybe you’re just bored on a Sunday evening and you just don’t want to deal with those reruns?


I’m sorry then… that means it’s Game Over for you.


Game Over Reception


Game Over is one of the newest attractions that has recently opened up in the center of one of Rome’s most admired neighborhoods: Trastevere. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafés, on Via Giuseppe Marcora 3, one can find this modest little locale, and hidden within it’s walls are four rooms built with a purpose: to keep you locked inside.


The many rooms of Game Over.

Check out their website here:

Escape Rooms are the latest hit. Though it is far from a novelty, they’ve been appearing all over in the last few years. Akin to a Murder Mystery Dinner, Escape Rooms work around a group of players that in the storyboard have entered a mysterious room and are now locked inside of it. They can still escape however, but only by figuring out enigmas and activating unintuitive mechanisms within one hour. Once the time is over and the riddles still unsolved, the players lose and the door opens automatically – after all it’s a game, so you’re not really locked in – which signals their GAME OVER.

“In the past years, I tried Escape Rooms in the UK and Greece and the more I played the more I realized that this was the new attraction of the century. I had to try an open my own!” says Mr. Hassan, one of the two owners.


Mr. Hassan ready to greet his customers

Launched by Roger Hassan in November 2016, Game Over preceded the huge popularity boom of Escape Rooms in Rome just in the nick of time, effectively growing at an impressive rate in just under a year, and making it the biggest Escape Room in the eternal city at the moment, according to the owners.

Mr. Hassan also told me that he took a risk with this idea, since Italy was still behind on this new fashion, a factor which did not facilitate his plan.

“Escape Rooms are always quite the riddle, even from the production point of view. It was not easy setting up the whole structure, as there was no provider available in Italy. In fact, our rooms were built by one of the best international companies in the sector on the market right now, but the delivery and assembly was tough. […] No one could assure me that they would catch on as well as they did. I just believed in this project because I liked the idea too much to give up. When I first went to test the rooms offered by my provider, when this whole Game Over plan was still a work in progress, I just could not wait to test-run them all. There was no way the rest of the world wasn’t going to love them as well.”

Game Over offers four themed rooms, in which two to eight people can work together to unlock the door and win the game. Each room has a different story and setting that help guide the player to freedom but also serve as a beautiful setting to distractedly admire as your team frantically tries to solve the enigmas.

The rooms are Saw, Fordidden Temple of Montezuma, Tutankhamun’s Tomb and the Chocolate Factory, and each room differs enormously from the other two, giving players the chance not only to come back for more, but to also vary the atmosphere they want to play in.

When asked about the rooms Mr. Hassan only insisted in repeating that “I cannot go into more detail than what you find on the website, as it would spoil the surprise for everyone […] but I will say that Saw and Temple of Montezuma revolve around creepier settings, while the other two rooms have lighter ambiances.”

Personally, I enjoyed my experience at Game Over and my group even made it out with 40s to spare on the clock. I would advise not exceeding the standard DnD party size (four people, at least one wizard), as it can get chaotic and claustrophobic really quickly. Team work is of the essence at Game Over Escape Rooms and according to their website, they don’t only work for parties and pro-nerds, but also for corporate team building exercises: don’t believe me? Look for yourself. So yeah… Teamwork is important if you don’t want your Game Over.

It does fill up pretty regularly on weekends and evening, so I wouldn’t recommend leaving the booking to the last minute. Their website has a room by room portal set up for booking, so it is easy and instantaneous. Check it out! Just go one their website, to the room by room section here –> ROOMS! <– and click on your room of choice. Once you’re one the page for the specific room, scroll down again and there you have it.

So if you’re an Indiana Jones fan, you love live action role playing but don’t have much free time, or you’re just new in town and want to find a great attraction for your Monday nights, then you should try Game Over Escape Rooms.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did, and I’ll even let you in on a little secret before you go: the rooms like to change…


Sneak peek at one of the new upcoming themes.

And that’s all I’m allowed to say for now! So hurry up, if you want to enjoy the experience at it’s full!

Thank you for reading ColdInk.

This was a cool story for a warm hearth,

by Carlo Alberto Zaccheo.