The Battle for Vilegis Experience

vilegis header

Header from their Website


Tranforming imagination into reality – Introducing the live action role playing event Battle for Vilegis

Article by Carlo Alberto Zaccheo for Cold Ink Blog.

Battle for Vilegis information can be found on BATTLE FOR VILEGIS website.

Battle for Vilegis is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) organization that began in 2012 thanks to a group of aspiring role players who were fed up with small, amateur organizations.

LARPing is a genre of role playing that takes from Dungeons and Dragons culture, transferring the imaginative world of table top role playing into live action events. Battle for Vilegis is a four to five day long event where you interpret a medieval/fantasy character of your making and join one of thirteen warring factions as they compete for glory and honor.

battle lotta

The battlegrounds

Born from the ashes of a previous organization called Festa del Drago, Battle for Vilegis takes place in Testa di Lepre, near Fiumicino, where the aforementioned group acquired the lot of land where they played. On the land, they constructed a small city of about a dozen houses surrounded by various military encampments complete with walls and gates. A dungeon was also constructed, complete with moving walls and lurking monsters hidden within its depths.

battle mappa

Map of the location

One Battle for Vilegis player, Marco Ricciardelli who has been playing for over three years now, recounts his first time seeing the site:

“when I first walked onto the plain of Vilegis I was shocked. After years of hand-made clothes and duct tape weapons, I come to this event and I find a whole town, and I mean a town like with houses and a mayor’s office, tavern, clocktower and even a statue in the square! I just couldn’t believe it.”

Vilegis città

The town of Vilegis

As the years went by, Battle for Vilegis grew from that small group of aspiring LARPers into the biggest Italian event of its genre. In the last year, the player pool has increased to over 2000 people, attracting players from all parts of Italy, we are told by long time LARPer Diego Raggi (translated from Italian).

“I’m from Rome, so usually it’s easy for me to attend the events, but half my group comes from neighboring regions. Of my group, many come from Tuscany and a lot of players in general come from Sicily, where they have one of the biggest LARP fanbases in the country.”

Battle for Vilegis offers the opportunity to live a unique experience in role playing: a real world where the collective imagination of hundreds of players unites and gives birth to an immersive, five day open air adventure into a world that does not exist anywhere else.




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