Some Stuff About Me

Who am I?

My name is Carlo Alberto Zaccheo!


Here you will find posts regarding video games, live action role playing events and more!

I studied creative writing as my minor, and I hope that my style, at times a little dense, won’t scare you away. After all, I love to lace my stories with irony and realism.

So skim readers beware!

This is no place for you.

My aim in writing has always been to convey in a spontaneous and sensitive manner the experience of real people and to convey a picture that is less constructed but more honest of the topics covered in my posts.

I hope to give the reader all the information she or he could need, helping them in deciding more specifically if they like the subject or not. After all, when we talk about gaming or role playing, we are talking about events that need to be lived in first person to properly appreciate them, and I aim to inspire curiosity through knowledge, rather than omission.


More about me:

‚ÄčI was born in 1991 in Italy.
Moved to Ethiopia in 1992
Move to Brazil in 1993
Moved to Peru in 1994
Moved to Belgium in 1996
Moved to Ireland in 1997
Moved to Nigeria in 1998
Moved to Italy in 2000
Moved to Belgium again in 2001

Received my high school degree in the European School of Brussels II in 2009
Moved to Italy in June 2009 and I’ve lived in Rome ever since.

I have an undergraduate’s Major in communications at John Cabot University of Rome
I love to read, write and practice foreign languages.
I speak, read and write in English, Italian, French and Spanish
I can understand and read Dutch and German

In my free time I’m a gamer and a LARPer

I dabble in MTG TCG, Hearthstone, LoL and Overwatch,

I’m also collector of comic books, and own over 2000 different issues.

I do NOT have facebook, instagram or twitter

I do however have an email and I can be reached at: